Memorial Bricks

Etched into History

“The Gardens and your legacy, a tribute for generations to enjoy.”

By choosing to engrave a brick, you pave a solid path for The Elizabethan Gardens, enabling us to preserve our resources into the future. Each brick is a lasting testament in The Gardens that may commemorate a loved one; celebrate an achievement, wedding, anniversary or honor; recognize military service; mark a special occasion; remember a loved one; or express your support of The Gardens in an elegant, laser-engraved memorial brick.Your donation shines on as a timeless North Carolina and Outer Banks treasure.

Memorial Bricks: And the memorial bricks that lead from the Courtyard to the President’s Walk.

Download and submit the form below with your donation and/or call about what opportunities are available: 252-473-3234.

Elizabethan Gardens Statue

Memorial Brick

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    Please submit one form for each brick. Bricks are allowed three lines of type with 18-20 characters per line.
  • Please send an acknowledgement letter to:
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