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Members grew our gardens from a clever idea to reality over 70 years ago. We honor our visionary founders, the women of The Garden Club of North Carolina by keeping our gardens growing perpetually. Your support of our acclaimed gardens ensures that this enduring pleasure garden will thrive for the enjoyment of all.

The Elizabethan Gardens marks the hallowed ground of America’s birthplace with a tapestry of color and beauty. Here you can walk the same soil tread by Sir Walter Raleigh’s famous English colony – where they labored, loved and lived before disappearing into the dark forest of history.

Queen Elizabeth I said, “ All my possessions for a moment of time.” Perhaps she imagined such a place as this. Time stops in our lovely Elizabethan Gardens. The natural beauty of florals and fountains surround you while fragrantly sweet-smelling herbs beckon you, towering oaks shade you and the nearby Roanoke Sound centers you into a refreshing calmness.

Membership is your passport through the garden gate.

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