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General Garden & Pool Tips submitted by Jane Sandwood

Preparing Your Garden for Spring

As the winter draws to a close, it is time to revisit the garden. With temperatures set to increase, flowers and trees will blossom to create a beautiful display. However, the garden will need a little help from you to achieve its full potential. Americans love a well-kept lawn. The animal and plant life help to reduce stress, as well as showing off to neighbors. Be proud of your garden by preparing it for spring and helping it to flourish.


The harsh winter weather has probably done some damage to your flower beds. You should remove the dead dirt, along with any pests, and put down fresh soil. The soil needs to have enough nutrients to help flowers to grow. Take the dead leaves and debris and toss them into the compost along with your food waste. This can then be reused to provide nutrients to the soil and restore its natural pH balance. It is also beneficial to the environment and stops unnecessarily filling up landfill.


The patio is often the centerpiece of any garden, where guests gather to socialize. So, you should take the time to ensure it looks as good as possible. Check the concrete and stone for cracks and replace if necessary. Then give the patio a thorough cleaning. Check all furniture and fixtures aren’t broken as well. Greenhouses can become dirty and damaged over time, so fix it up before attempting to grow anything. Fences around the patio and rest of the garden also tend to suffer damage over winter, so get them fixed and apply fresh paint if necessary.

Swimming Pool

Spring is when the swimming pool can come back into use. Remove any debris and give it a full clean. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful garden spoilt by a dirty swimming pool. Consider installing a fence to improve safety, particularly if you have an outdoor fountainor pool. This way, your garden will attract more visitors, who can see all the hard work you’ve put into your garden.

By spending the last weeks of winter cleaning and fixing up the garden, you are helping to create the ideal environment for gardening. Whether you wish to grow vegetables or flowers, they need some fresh soil. Use your swimming pool, patio and garden fixtures to accentuate a bright and colorful garden.

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