Enter into the Faery Realm


“Year-Round, Free with Regular Admission” 

About The Enchanted Garden

Can you find the enchanted world hidden in our gardens? After stealing a mysterious treasure from the Western Isles of Scotland, a pirate ship wrecked along the shifting sands of our shores. The surviving crew hauled their water-logged treasure to the future site of our gardens. When they unlocked their treasure chest, they released twelve ancient faeries. These adventurous sprites claimed their new world home and bound the pirates to roam with them as enchanted spirits for all time. Using a newly discovered map, young adventurers will have the key to locate these enchanted spirits where they reside in The Elizabethan Gardens. A mobile device enhances the experience. And if you have fairy dust on hand, sprinkle some on your face so you can be ready for this magical experience. Our gatehouse door is the portal to this kingdom. Use the map as a guide to discover more about the sprites that live in our gardens.

Butterfly Festival Elizabethan Gardens
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